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Sneaky peek at an infographic showing 10 signs spring has arrived – this particular nugget relates to taking a boat out on the local lake

Logo designs for Ross Marshall, Director of Photography and gadget addict. He wanted ‘simple’ and ‘typographic’ so all marques were kept quite minimal.

Ben The Illustrator: Make Something.


I always wanted to be a cowboy. The stetson, the horse, wrangling cattle, it’s all admirable; and the occasional bout of saloon rebellion, going against the grain, it’s all admirable too (even if my definition of a cowboy comes solely from old movies). The coolest thing about cowboys is that they…

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Here’s the full typographical piece… Do What You Like, Like What You Do.

If you like this, you can buy a print or canvas here which will help fund my insatiable drive for pens, ink and sketch-books.

Personal typography project to satisfy my need for doodling and fine detail

Practice shots using my new SLR and 50mm lens… this is some rather funky 70s crockery I recently got. Isn’t it adorably retro? Now I just need to develop a taste for tea or coffee (as drinking diet coke from a cup is just wrong)